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BFit Now’s OOALT—Opportunity Of A LifeTime

Application-Stay Tuned for our next Program


Contact Phone and e-mail:

1) What is your main reason for wanting to take advantage of this BFitNow Opportunity Of A Life Time:  What is your Why?

2) What goals will you accomplish over the next 11-weeks:

4) When you look at your life right now, what behaviors do you see that you could alter/change that would move you closer to your goals?  

5) What behavior(s) do you struggle with the most?  What obstacles will you need to overcome.

What are 3 things you will absolutely commit to, right now in your life that you can do that will raise your standards and put you in a better position to succeed?

Where you can use the words I WILL!  Where there is no doubt in your mind, you will do it?  You WILL make it happen.  List them below.

Please initial that you will agree to follow these 7 key program components:

_____1. Showing Up! I agree to attend at least 2 scheduled BFit Sessions and I agree to 2 additional exercise sessions per week that I will post to FaceBook. (online people agree to completing the 5X5 workout at least 2 times per week.

_____2. Agree to before and after photos and measurements.

_____3. Agree to weigh-in weekly.  

_____4. Agree to some outside fresh air exercise 

 (Mandatory for the winner of the free session 2 X Week).

_____5. Follow BFit’s Nutritional Success Strategies to the best of my ability.

_____6. Using social media to track your progress and for posting your goals at least 3 times per week (5 times for the winner of the free session).  It could mean posting pictures or videos, and/or just comments about how your journey is going.

_____7. Writing a check to Anne Hess/BFitNow for $300.  This check will not be cashed unless you quit or fail to follow the above 7 key program components.  This check is your assurance to me of your commitment to follow it through the whole 11-weeks.  When the program is over you get your check back.

Please tell me why I should choose you. 

Contract Agreement

I agree to commit to the above 7 program components

and that if I fail to do so, I will forfeit my $300 accountability check.

Sign and Date (applicant):__________________________________________________________

Sign and Date (trainer):_____________________________________________________________

Please e-mail completed form to anne@bfitnow.net



2019_BFit_Spring_Program_Registration Form (pdf)