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Work one on one with Anne Hess to customize your training and get on the fast track toward achieving your goals.

BFit's Biggest Loser is Back


Our next program will be offered in in the January 2020.  So tuned for more information coming soon!

BFit's Workout's Plus and Workout's Only


Offered at all locations.

New workouts starting Mid-January!.

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BFit's Biggest Loser is Back

This is BFit's Flagship Program, it has proven to be tried and true towards helping people lose weight and get in shape.  BFit started this program back in 2010, and has since been able to help hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.  

As you start achieving your weight loss goals, you will learn that this program is about so much more than a number on a scale! You will gain confidence, energy, self esteem and most of all belief in yourself!

You see, there is a magic that happens outside of your comfort zone. So, come on out of your comfort zone this spring, and join us at BFit. 

Cost Today: $275.00 for the 10-weeks.
Here is what is included with this program:

  • Customized fitness training with a focus towards weight loss and body shaping either in groups of 10-20  people.  However, Biggest Loser teams will consist of 5-10 people per team.  This is offered 2 times a week with certified personal trainer and owner of BFit Now, Anne Hess
  • BFit's Nutritional Success strategies and meal planning ideas
  • BFit's Quest to Be Your Best: Weekly Tips, Challenges & Affirmations
  • Includes; Strategies for success in all areas of your life. 
  • We will use the 10 weeks to create all new lifestyle habits. 
  • Access to Anne Hess (certified trainer and nutrition coach)  for the whole 10-weeks
  • Detailed tracking of your exercise, meals, and body measurements
  • Body measurements, includes before and after photos
  • Ditch the Sugar, A 3-Day Whole Foods Cleanse.
  • Weekly weigh-ins along with weekly goal setting
  • Tons of Built in Accountability
  • Fresh Air Exercise Every Week
  • Daily Positive Affirmations
  • Private FaceBook Page

Once all locations are secure, registration forms will be posted.

BFit's Workouts PLUS

BFit Workout's Plus: Begins Mid January: For those that are not really interested in losing weight, but want to be fit and healthy, and want to adopt strategies for success in all areas of your life then BFit's Workouts PLUS is for you! This includes; 2-workouts per week along with BFit's Quest to B-Your Best Success Strategies. These strategies will help you to create new rituals, new habits, a new lifestyle, and new way of thinking, changing your belief systems to a mindset of amazing possibilities, a reset of detoxing from excuses and where you become the HERO of your own life believing that anything is possible!

BFit's PLUS** includes:

  • BFit's Quest to Be Your Best: Weekly Tips, Challenges & Affirmations that will encourage and promote the practice of success strategies that can be carried over in all areas of your life.
  • Accountability & Goal Setting: You choose a goal, a lifestyle change or habit that you want to create or accomplish, and we will use the 10-weeks to solidify these new habits or changes into your life.
  • We will work on creating a mindset for success,
  • changing our belief systems into heroic "I Can" attitudes.

BFit's Workout's Only

If you are not interested in a nutrition and weight loss program at this time, or want to go at it on your own, and still want our great highly effective and intensive workouts, then BFit's workout's only option would be a great choice for you.

You can come to any of our Large Group training sessions and enjoy the camaraderie and the workouts with friends.

Next program starts September 6.  See class days and times below; (same schedule for Biggest Loser Participants) Bring payment with you to the first class.

BFit Group Fitness Training Classes: Days and Times

Adamstown YMCA:  71 E. Main Street, Adamstown, PA . 19501

               -Tuesday;s and Friday's from 5:30 - 6:30 am

  • Other location options coming soon!